Piss on Trump. Dump on Trump. He’s doing it to you.

The best experience peeing — or whatever.
From your wherever. I guarantee it!

Trump pissing you off? Time to piss on him. Or dump (on) him.
You know he’d do it to you.

  • Stick them at home. Stick them at work. Stick them at play. Stick them at the RNC.
  • Place the 4″ diameter sticker “wherever” for your own maximum bathroom enjoyment.
  • Stickers usually ship within 24 hours.

Get yours, just 99¢:


Instructions are simple

  1. Clean and dry surface with toilet paper or paper towel
  2. Peel sticker from backing
  3. Apply sticker to surface one edge first then slowly to the other edge
  4. Use backing to rub sticker on surface to finish firm application
  5. Allow to dry as long as possible before getting wet. You know.

Everyone loves it!

Give your dog his day!
Give your dog his day!